Lyra v3 not working

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  • Hi there!

    I have just bought a Lyra v3 for my A2000, and I can't seem to find out what I'm doing wrong.

    I'm using a Logitech Deluxe keyboard, and an amazon-bought ps2 to DIN adapter.

    My A2000 seems to be working ok with its original keyboard, but the ps2 keyboard connected with the lyra and the adaptor does nothing. A2000 boots perfectly ok, but no keyboard input, no matters what.

    The ps2 keyboard seems to be working ok in a pc, so probably the fault is in the ps2 to DIN adaptor, or the lyra itself. Will check the adaptor. What should be the correct pin correspondence? in the other hand, any further check that I can do to know what its going wrong?


  • Ok, problem seems so to be solved now. The adapter I bought is shit. I don't know what kind of conversion is this adaptor intended to do, but not the one needed for the lyra. I "dissasembled" (ripped it appart), and discovered it only had two cables and a metal shielding (that was not connecting the ground shieldings, but another two pins). I just cutted all the cable off, and soldered 5 wires as they should be (I found a pinout around in the internet). Now lyra is working ok.

    So, as a final word, don't buy the adapter that I referenced in amazon in my first post. Its just bullshit. Better buy the headers and make one yourself, or try another adapter.

  • I have removed the links, as they do not add to readability. Amazon sells a lot of bad stuff, even Amiga power supplies that violate the Commodore specifications, so my general recommendation is to stay with the "real Amiga dealers" who have been providing the market with good products for years (although the bad PSU part is true for some of them as well - just as if it's MeanWell-based - if so, AVOID).