​Aca500+ with supraram

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    Hi, i have a really old chickenlips a500 with a supraram 8Mb expansion.

    The expansion has a connector for further expansions.

    Is it possible to connect an aca500+ with the supraram?

  • Probably not because the 68000 can’t address more than 16MB of memory and only 8MB of this area is reserved for fast ram in an Amiga. The other 8MB are reserved for chipmem and the custom chips.

  • Is it possible to connect an aca500+ with the supraram?

    As can be read in the ACA500plus product description, the ACA500plus must be *directly* connected to the A500, nothing in-between. Further, internal expansions on the 68000 socket must be removed. Only a trapdoor memory expansion may remain.

    The ACA500plus has almost that amount of memory, and you'll have even more if you add an A1200 accelerator. If you don't, there will hardly be any piece of software that won't run because of "not enough memory", as even a 2M memory expansion was about as expensive as the machine itself back in the day. As a result, hardly any software requires as much memory as the ACA500plus provides.

  • Thanks for your reply Jens.

    I'll simply get rid of The supraram then as I might get as much for it as The aca500+ costs.

    No need for hw that doesn't work when The computer is expanded.

    However, it is something special with The old stuff..