Video artifactys: can i use Lumafix in C64R?

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  • Hi,

    my VIC 6569R3 cause some artifact on screen

    -Chekerboard pattern

    -irregualar switching from color screen to black and white screen.

    I'm using an SVideo cable in a modern LCD monitor.

    I know that this is caused by a mismatch between 40years old technology with modern technology and i just guess this is tipical for the 6569R3 because i have this issue with 2 different 6569R3 in 2 different boards (an original 250407 and the C64R).

    Can i use lumafix to correct this? Or i risk damaging the motherboard?

    Many thanks for any answer you can give me.

    PS: Can i suggest, in future relases to implement something like lumafix directly on the C64R?

  • -irregualar switching from color screen to black and white screen.

    That indicates that the colour carrier is off, which can almost not happen, as it's generated by a crystal. Only if the PSU you're using has extremely high ripple, it might have an impact on the oscillator or the PLL circuit that generates the other clock(s). Did you order the PSU with the board? If so, we can exclude that, and may need to look at other parts that are powered from the C64RMK2.

  • no, i bought the PSU from amazon, but not a cheaper one...

    ok, i undertand.

    I will just try by using another VIC in worst case, i will order a psu from you.

    Edit: i've applied the lumafix to the VIC. The video signal is perfect.