X-Surf-100 problem, not working

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  • Hi, for some time I have a problem with x-surf-100, the problem is that after connecting the cable to the router on the router does not flash the link diode, as if there was no connection, checked on several cables, the router is also OK, before the card worked the only problem was that when I pushed the plug to the end it was not connected and it had to be pulled out a millimeter. Now it doesn't work at all :(

    Socket RJ45 looks good, I have improved soldering connectors but it didn't help.

    xsurftest throws something like this

    I use translator.

  • If a different cable doesn't help, the connector itself might have gotten mechanical stress. What version of the card do you have? Is it the one with metal-shielded connector, or is it a plastic/all-black RJ45 connector?

    Also, please note that the x-surf-test program should not be run from WB when the driver has been started. The output indicates that the driver has been started and the MAC address is not seen properly. The test program should only be run if the computer has been started without startup-sequence, and it should only be launched once, as it leaves the computer and the card in un-initialized state. The computer should be reset after the tool has been launched. It's really only an engineering tool.